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4k Blu-rays

Home video's final form

Many long-time horror fans have endured decades of format transition torment, begrudgingly purchasing re-releases of their favorite films on each new format (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.). 4k Blu-ray (UHD) is the latest evolution in home video, but is it really worth investing in another format? Truth be told, standard Blu-ray resolution (1080p, the most common streaming resolution) is perfectly sufficient for most horror fans, & with so many films available on streaming services, owning physical media seems less important than ever. Some streaming services, like Shudder, even stream a large portion of their catalog at DVD resolution (720p) & viewers tend not to notice. So 4k is fighting an uphill battle for adoption. But streaming catalogs change from month-to-month, & for the discerning fan who wants to experience their favorite horror flicks in a resolution that rivals the original 35mm print, 4k Blu-ray has arrived to bring an end to the format wars. For future releases with the latest bonus content, this is likely to become the standard format. But there are reasons to believe you won't have to replace your 4k Blu-rays down the line.

There are limitations to how much detail the human eye can detect & 4k resolution smacks up against our capacity to discern individual pixels at a normal viewing size & distance. To view any benefits of 8k over 4k, you'd have to be sitting within 4 feet of a standard sized tv or standard distance from a 100" or larger tv. And with the mainstream adoption of 4k players via ninth gen gaming consoles, the format seems poised to become the final standard for home video. This new 4k-enabled audience means that distributors finally have an incentive to release 4k editions of both new releases & horror classics, ushering in a new era of ultra hi-def home viewing. These videos are perfect for starting or augmenting your home video collection.