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Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

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This is a dumb movie that you should not watch.

Busta Rhymes & Tyra Banks create an internet reality show where they cast a bunch of teens from a local college to spend the night in the Myers house.

It comes across as an R-rated version of a made-for-TV Disney movie, featuring the kid from The Luck of the Irish, a lot of unnecessary exposition & unrealistic depictions of technology. In some ways this was a predecessor to modern platform horror flicks like Host or Unfriended, but the characters fail to capture the spontaneity of platform behavior.

And it's not as if the premise was bad. We'd only seen Josh Harris' life fall apart as a consequence of launching a couple of years earlier. And an examination of how self-as-content impacts behavior would've been ahead of its time. Were the contestants believably influenced by the internet audience to put themselves into dangerous situations they otherwise wouldn't for the sake of content, it could've been compelling. If the internet audience felt some degree of responsibility for the deaths of the contestants, that could've been compelling. But instead the contestants enter the show desperate for fame, the internet audience is depicted as heroic rather than predatory, & the technology is reduced to a gimmicky plot device rather than a topic to be explored.

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What's worse, they kill off Jamie Lee Curtis's Laurie Strode in the cringiest scene of the entire franchise where she actually kisses Michael on the lips before falling to her death.

This film is so bad that it left the studio with no choice except to reboot the franchise entirely directly after they'd retconned 4 films out of existence.

So do not waste your time.

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